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Berlin visit

Berlin visit

Sarah and Reena fled hectic life in London to find a couple of days rest in Berlin.

This is Sarah’s fifth visit and she speaks German. She had German at school and has kept it up. It is Reena’s first visit and she can’t speak German.

I met them today at 9:10am at Schönefeld Airport. They had left London, at some unspeakable hour in the night, to go to a  provincial airport and catch a Ryanair flight to Berlin. I think this must rank as the worst airline in Europe. I only fly this airline when there is no option but a 48 hour journey on a dog sleigh in minus 50 temperature!

They arrived beaming and happy, as you can see. We then got information for them at the tourist desk, travel tickets and then off to the station to catch the regional train to Karlshorst – where I live.  You can see them arriving in a photo.

We then went to my flat so they could relax. I took some photos of them in the garden and having a mid-morning breakfast. You can see another photo of them at our late breakfast. We had a great time recalling the 25 years we have known each other. I forgot to welcome them to my flat with a glass of ‘Rotkäppchen’ Sekt. This is a German type of Champagne.

We slowly moved back to the station and took an S-Bahn and eventually arrived at Friedrichstrasse. We then took an U-Bahn to a stop near their hotel. It is new and very ‘modern’ in it architecture and style. I was curious so went into the hotel with them. Very nice welcome at the reception – in good English – then into the lift to their room.

 I took some photos of them. Sarah looked tired and she was worried that she may be starting with a cold – or worse. I hope not!  So, I left them to relax and explore the inner area of the city later. Tomorrow afternoon we plan to go to Potsdam. Watch this space for more info – and photos! Here are 4 of the 12 photos I took to document their arrival in Berlin.