Left bed



In a recent post I wrote about readers of my blog and where they come from. I cannot identify each visitor personally, nor would I want to. I can only see how many ‘hits’ per day, or week, and from which countries they come from.

I got e-mails from Peter in Ozland, and Paul in NZ, saying they were adding my blog to their Bookmarks for ease of access. Brother Daniel, also in Ozland, hasn’t said anything yet. Wakey, wakey Daniel! Collectively they are known as the Bateson ‘lads’ from ‘Cas-Vegas’. Welcome each and all.

I then looked on the web for an appropriate image and found this. It is of the Sidney harbour bridge and opera house. I think it must have been taken at some celebration for there is a light show on the bridge.

Even so, a nice shot and lots of blue sky. Just what we need here as we struggle through the gray of winter.