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Next week

Next week

Back to normal life next week. My ‘die Grippe’ is now part of history. Thanks to those who contacted me to wish me ‘gute Besserung’.

Tomorrow I start the day with teaching a 1:1, then I have been invited for lunch by an ex-student. Later I have my first appointment with a new allergy doctor then I end the day with more teaching.

On Tuesday I am going to my new training centre. My back and legs tell me they need some exercise! In the afternoon, a friend is coming over who I haven’t seen for about six months. They are bringing the cakes – I am just providing the coffee! Later I have another teaching appointment.

Wednesday and Thursday teaching at the institute, my Computer Gang, my German lesson and so on. I shall spare you more details for you can see that life goes back to normal.

Tomorrow is also a return to normality for Jan and Arancha. They were in the south of France last week skiing. They sent me an  e-mail saying all was well and Arancha had passed her beginners test. Congratulations Arancha!

Yesterday was a long express bus drive back to Amsterdam. I expect they will be catching up on sleep today and getting ready for study/work tomorrow.

UPDATE: Tuesday evening.
The week has started well and I was really happy about how I felt after training this morning. I’m looking forward to the weekend when I shall guide two friends from London around Berlin. They are over on a quick weekend break. Should be fun.

Guess who I found on one of my communication systems? Who is it?  The little boy is not hers. Very nice A!