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eltabb AGM 2011

eltabb AGM 2011

ELTABB means English Language Teachers’ Association of Berlin and Brandenburg and I helped to found it 16 years ago. Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) took place yesterday afternoon.

In the morning there was a workshop given by two members about teaching phonetics, and differences between USA and GB pronunciation. Very informative, We then had lunch and relaxed before the AGM.

Any AGM is purely for business and many people find it not too exciting. Even so, we had a good turnout and covered all the business points within the allotted time period. This included reports and election of new officials.

The atmosphere was friendly and supportive all day.  It was a pleasure to be there. We elected a new  Treasurer, and I was elected to be one of the two auditors. I was Treasurer for three years and have been auditor twice.

It will be interesting to see what the new Board does this year. The last Board took us through a change from paper to digital newsletter and a new communicative platform. We dropped the e-mail platform we had used from our second year.