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Still Learning

Yesterday I went to my local Aldi. They had a range of special offers of learning materials for school kids.

If it is okay for a nine year old it is good enough for my learners and for me!

I invested in a couple of teaching-learning books. One is a series of tests in English for 9-10 year olds.

 I have learnt that kids learning books and test books like these are happily accepted by adults. They are written in a simple but informative way.

I bought another one. Just for me. It is book of 166 tests in German. It has an answers section at the back so of course I shall cheat 🙂 I tried the first two tests over a cuppa coffee this afternoon and realised I could only do the level 1 and 2 tests without looking at the answers. I had to do that for Level 3 🙁

Heike came round and helped me to blow up my training balloon for leg and back practice. I told you about this in a posting below. Just scroll down a couple of posts and you’ll find it.

Naja, now I have no excuse to say I can’t practice at home. At least Kerstin, my new trainer, will be happy when I see her on Friday morning!