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Training 2011

Training 2011

I changed my Keep Fit/Training/Wellness, or whatever you want to call it. I did not renew my contract at the end of 2010 with the Wellness Club. Instead I went to Orange Fit, which is two stops from my old training centre.

It was a recommendation. Actually, price played a big part. It is half the price of my old training club. Even I must start to save now!  Last Tuesday I went for a general introduction, and a session, with a trainer who had more muscles on his chest and arms than I thought anyone could have!

Nice and friendly people. I got an invite to attend Kirstin’s course, ‘Back and Leg Movement for Seniors’. I went last Friday and enjoyed it. I was one of seven ‘oldies’ and was able to handle all of the training movements.

She told me about a special offer at two supermarket chains for big blow-up balls and rubber bands for stretching. I went to Aldi (which you all know — they are in the UK and in the USA) and bought one of each.

Now I only need Frau Dr. Birgit to come over and help me to blow up my ball. I can’t work it out and have unsuccessfully tried. I swear I followed all the printed directions. Why don’t they just make it simple and draw a couple of basic diagrams?

I have a ‘Gutschein’ for January, which means I can go there whenever I want for free, but at the end of the month I have to agree a contract if I want to continue. I have already decided I will continue – but they don’t know it yet 🙂