Left bed

Post Christmas

P(r)ost Christmas!

 On Monday 27 December. I got my missing post. Most were from the UK and one was from the USA. The delay must have been due to the bad weather. Not to worry, better late than never!

I enjoyed reading them. Nice to get your news Shirley, Pauline, Jefferson and Leanne.

Jan came to visit on the 26th. The Brits call it Boxing Day. I needed his Dipl.-Ingenieur-MSc.  brain, and muscle, to get my TV off the wall.

He also took off the top of my writing desk in 3 seconds. I had spent an hour looking at the instructions and trying to work it all out. Oh, to be a Dipl.-Ingenieur-MSc.!

I also re-organised my bedroom, by moving furniture around, and started the process of throwing things away that were too small, old, or had not been used in the last 12 months.

You feel wonderful after. I started earlier than usual, but plan to finish the sorting and throwing out next

Here is a photo of the new/late cards, the bedroom in the first phase of sorting out, and the holes in the wall after taking down the TV.

 I need it lower – for my neck/eyes.

 I wonder why we put it so high? Must have seemed like a good idea at the time!

One of my students is a Dr.-Ingenieur (Rtd.) so when he comes for a lesson I shall get his profi advice about the best way/material to fill up the holes. Perhaps he’ll do it for me. An even better idea!