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Christmas breakfast

Christmas Breakfast

Yesterday I went to Gerald and Jütta’s for a relaxing Christmas breakfast. Among their circle of friends they are now famous for their breakfasts. Not piles of food but an interesting range of choices. Three other friends were also there.

Lots of jokes, smiles and anecdotes in addition to good food. Yes, food again! We caught up on what each had been doing since our last breakfast in late summer, and of course we talked about plans for the future.

We all exchanged presents. and they asked me to open one of mine. They wanted to see my reaction. Jütta caught it very well on camera, as you can see on the following photos.

What is it? A Christmas Toilet Roll!!  Well, what else do we need with all the eating and drinking that takes place. When I posed with it on my head Gerald reminded me, with a big smile, that I should use it on the other end of the body! Na klar 🙂

I then came home to relax before going to Marga’s for…….er…..a drink and ….er………a meal!!