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Christmas Dinner

 It’s -11°C on my balcony at the moment. Here it is relatively warm for in other parts of Berlin it is now -16°C. I have never associated snow with Christmas. I can only remember a few white Christmases. It was usually gray, raining and cold.

Last Friday I walked through a snow storm to my first Christmas Dinner. It was at my favourite Oldie centre. Most of my Photoshop Gang were already there. We had one of the traditional meals of goose (leg), red cabbage cooked with spices and apple, and cooked potato dumpling.

This is called der Kartoffelkloß in north Germany and der Kartoffelknödel in the south and Austria. I was given a glass of dry red wine to drink with it and told it is not eaten with white wine, but you can eat it with a glass of beer. The things you learn here!

I quickly relaxed into the pleasant and happy atmosphere around the table and later sipped coffee, with homemade biscuits, as I waited for our final lesson of the year. Stefan had prepared a number of background images and some from which we could cut out figures.

I ended up with Helga and Mrs Schröder taking photographs in a fantasy world. You can see the result for yourself. As Stefan and I waited for our U-Bahn, we talked about working on the image further. For example, using a special tool to turn and twist both the statue and the photographer. Perhaps I’ll find time over Christmas if I am snowed in!