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More fun with Photoshop

Last Friday the ‘Photoshop Gang’ met again for a cheery chat over coffee and biscuits before starting the next part of the course. Stefan had already prepared the lesson. It was to add images onto/into windows or doors in other background photos. He had prepared on using my face superimposed on a window and he had added a cat and post and a piece of clothing.

The photo of me was taken at our summer get together at Familie Schröder’s garden house. When I saw the pic of me I burst out laughing, and said we could use it to scare children with if the misbehaved! Or we could add it to a scarecrow to scare the birds away from growing crops.

The next one I created from a background shot of a print-photocopy shop round the corner from our meeting place. I added faces of our gang into the windows on the right, then a new image on the door and finally added a shot of our picnic at the Schröder party into the left hand side window. I then put back the window frames – and all with help from Stefan. A really enjoyable afternoon and still learning interesting things.

Off on another walk tomorrow so I hope to post a story and photos of the day. It is Sarah’s big 50th birthday party in London on Monday. I forgot to add her to my monthly birthday list. Sorry Sarah and have a wonderful time on Monday.