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November 2010

November and things

October was an interesting month with lots of things to do and more lessons at the Institute.  I also got some interesting postcards from friends in The Dolomiten area of north Italy, St. Petersburg, La Mont Saint Michel off the Normandie Coast and, last but not least,  from Settle and Pen-y-Gent in the Yorkshire Dales. Many thanks to each and all.

From my diary for November, I can already see lots of things and a pattern to each week. This is made up of twice weekly visits to the Wellness Club for leg and back training, teaching four times a week at the Institute, my Photoshop group, two workshops on teaching methods, concerts and two operas. My German lessons will be on hold for Frau Fox has to go to hospital, but she gave me lots of homework last Friday:-)

Who has a birthday in November? Jeff, Rob and Annie celebrate 55 with a collective party in Amersfoort in the middle of the Netherlands on the 19th, Computer Mathias clocks up 43 on the 20th and Stefan Sietz celebrates being well over 40 on the 29th November. Happy Birthday and best wishes to all!