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Stefan the Star

Stefan the Computer Star

I had a very interesting afternoon. I went to the place where I have my Friday

Photoshop course to see Stefan perform! I was one of ten interested ‘students’ who turned up from a number of courses he runs there.

One student had asked him for advice and help to buy a new system. They selected what they wanted and ordered online.

 The parts were duly despatched and today was selected for the grand ‘put it together’ show starring Stefan. He gave a commentary as he worked to explain why and what he was doing, and answered questions.

I took photographs of each construction phase and selected a few for this post. They begin with the parts on the table – at this point we were all drinking coffee and munching biscuits as we waited for the ‘Star’ of the show.

Stefan began by explaining why he was partly constructing the mother board before adding other parts to the housing. Then he inserted the mother board and began to connect everything. Finally he added the housing before connecting to a monitor.

This was necessary to install the operating system – Windows 7 Professional no less! – and the drivers to make sure that everything worked okay. And it did immediately. Well done Stefan – take a well earned bow and thanks for an interesting afternoon!