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Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday

I think you must be having a lazy Sunday like me if you live in west Europe — hope the rest of you are having lots of fun and sun!!

I really don’t like the start of autumn and winter, unless I am on skies on the Piste, then it is great! I wanted to go to Strausburg and walk along the lake shore and have some tasty ‘Deftiges Essen’. It is raining again and cold so I stayed at home and had a light lunch of fish with vegetables.

Earlier I took a tray of tea/biscuits back to bed this morning and read my book about Islam, then nodded off for a few more hours. That was nice. Between sorting out the fish and veg, I decided to do some work on the computer(s). This time it was to learn how to use a mobile storage device.

I bought one on Thursday for all my sticks were full and I decided it was time to buy an external storage drive for Windows and Apple. A local store had a Seagate machine on special offer for both systems so I got that. Nice and easy to work = no degree in computer science needed. Just attach and off you go.

I decided to move all my files from sticks to the new mobile drive and you can see me doing this on a photo. Then I moved files from my computer drives to the mobile drive and so freed up space on my drives. Hopefully the computers will run quicker now!

I have to do some work on the old/new Ubuntu machine later for a driver update for Google created some problems on Wednesday at the Oldie Computer lesson. Latest research says that doing such stupid things for the over 65s helps to stop the onset of Dementia. Can’t be bad – now all I have to do is remember my name! Er….er….its…er…..