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Photoshop Party

Photoshop Party

Stefan organised a ‘Treffening’ of the Photoshop Gang last Friday.

Meeting point was the Oldie Centre ,where we have lessons, for a ‘photograph-taking-tour’ in the morning.

Unfortunately, I could not join in for I had an appointment with my lawyer.

 I joined them later and we went to Herr und Frau Schröder’s Garden House. It was really great to see them all again – only Susan was missing.

 We chatted about summer and what we had done. Stefan also told us about his plans for the next course as we prepared to enjoy ‘Grilled Wurst etc’.

 I took a few photos, but forgot to take one of the gang for I was too busy enjoying the food. The atmosphere was relaxed and happy, as usual.

 Our hosts were perfect and we all went away feeling much better for the time we had spent together. Vielen Dank Herrr und Frau Schröder!

I also forgot to ask if I could post these photos, but I am sure they would have agreed. There is one of Helga trying to look like a scarecrow, one of Joel in a classic pose with some flowers, and one of Herr Schröder grilling our Wurst and other delicious food.