Left bed



My last full day was a Sunday and I went for a walk with Frances and the dogs in the afternoon. We went to the ‘Culvert’ where our mother had her first part-time job after having a family. We talked about that.

We climbed up the steps to reach the canal and then met David Chad. I knew him immediately although we had not met for 52 years! He is the same as he was at 15 but with a few wrinkles! We agreed to meet for an evening when I next returned to Silsden.

Fran and I then walked along the canal bank along the valley bottom and I took more photos. The place looks nice as you walk along but why could David spend his life here, and that goes for Frances, while I felt like a prisoner and escaped as soon as possible?

I don’t have an answer. Perhaps Dr. Freud does! But it made me think as we slowly walked along with the dogs on my last day in Silsden in 2010.

Next day Geoff drove us all to Liverpool airport. I got out and said my goodbyes. The drove off to spend the rest of the day with Barry and Pam. Just like my arrival exactly three weeks before!

What adventures I had had but I was pleased to board the plane and fly back to my flat and life in Berlin.

Thanks to all of you for making it a memorable visit …. and yes,  I could eat some fish ‘n chips now and a pork pie for my breakfast tomorrow!