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I ended the day in Salisbury. Well worth a visit if you are in the area. It is famous for its 11th century cathedral and closter. Lately also for the house opposite the main entrance to the cathedral where ex-Prime Minister Edward Heath lived. It is now a museum but he certainly knew where to buy a nice property!

When I arrived in a car part near the centre of town, I went in search of a parking ticket machine. As I set ‘orf’ I heard a very ‘plummy’ English voice saying. “Young man, wait five minutes and you will not need to buy a ticket.”

I turned to see a ‘classic’ English lady of advanced years wearing a floral summer dress of the type you only see at Gin and Tonic parties complete with expensive gold and diamond jewelry. We get talking and I found her both informative and entertaining. Ah….they don’t make old English ladies like that any more!

I found the cathedral area and wandered around it taking photos. I was too late to enter the room to see an original copy of the Magna Carta which is there so I enjoyed the inner architecture of the old cloisters.

I later went into the nearby centre and saw some interesting old buildings and ended the event in a tea shop. Not to the standard of Betty’s in Ilkley which surprised me. I enjoyed slowly walking through the old centre as shops closed and picking up a feeling of how life is like in a famous old cathedral town like Salisbury.