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Bolton Family

Bolton Family

After saying my goodbyes to Pauline and Lew, I returned to my hotel where I spent a restless night = too many rooms/beds in such a short time! Next day I enjoyed a full English breakfast cooked by the lady of the house. Excellent! She can work as my cook anytime!

Packed the car and headed north. Some problems escaping Cambridge road system then a nice easy ride on the A1 until I reached the junction near Cas where I turned left and drove towards Bradford. From there it was easy and so eventually arrived in Silsden.

I called Nicholas and Julie Bolton to see if they were at home. They were and happy to see me. It was the last evening with my trusty Corsa so I drove over and we had a short but pleasant evening.

I caught up on all the news and talked to Grandma Dianne. She has since e-mailed me some really nice musical photo books of her family and grandchildren in a pleasure park with the kids having fun on the swings etc.

I noticed how Nicholas and Julie’s children are getting bigger and of course this means – older! I took some photos and they are nice because the family is very photogenic!

Stimmt es, Nicholas?  Na, klar John! He also speaks German – as do Jefferson and Leanne!