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Jüterbog visit

Last Thursday I had a nice train journey to Jüterbog. It lies south of Berlin and takes about 35 minutes to get there. It was very hot, 32°C but we have had these temperatures for just over a week. I like it but many complain that it is ‘too hot’. I just think about the long cold winter days and smile!

I went to see Jürgen and Dieter. They also complained about the heat but from the perspective of not being able to spend all day working or sitting in their garden. At least I enjoyed many products of their garden, particularly strawberries. I love them and fortunately we had them in jelly as a desert and later as a strawberry torte with cream. Mmmm – delicious.

Here are a couple of photos. I was thinking about Andrea when I took them for I remember getting an e-mail from her saying, “I looked at your blog recently and you are always eating!” Congratulations to Andrea for she has just passed her exams for a Bachelor Degree, and she is moving into a new flat.