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das Boot

Das Boot

Last Friday, Rolf picked me up and we drove south east of Berlin until we reached the Wolzige See and his boot.

He needed help to work on the boot and his sons were not available, so I came on the field as First Reserve!

With an extra pair of hands we got the work done and then I was allowed to steer the boat through the channel onto the lake.

It was a very hot day, 34°C and with not much wind, but we needed to test our repair work. It was a completely different experience than my first trip on the boat last year. This time I was familiar with the dimensions of the boat and knew how to steer it. What I had to learn this time was to watch the lake top for signs of wind,  then pull the ropes directing the forward sail to make sure we got that wind, while, still steering or even preparing to tack. The back sail just looked after itself!

All went well and so we decided to stow the sails and let the boat drift on the currents as we had a light lunch. After, Rolf went for a swim as I lay back in the sun and soaked it up.

 He agreed that we should have another day on the water before Autumn and me helping to get the boot out of the water. I look forward to it.