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Different houses

Different houses

There is an area to the west of the Old Centre. It is called the Garden Centre.

If you are ‘Old Money’ or ‘New Money Investment Banker’, you have a mansion there and sit on your balcony so that the rest of us poor people can stare at you as we go by on the streetcar!  I also took in a few pics of some old houses in the French Quarter.

Thanks to Rita, I discovered my favourite part of New Orleans. It is south of St. Charles Street called Magazine. It is overshadowed by St. Charles Street, where the tourists go, but Magazine is great for architecture, range of shops, bars and restaurants.

You can see some shots of me there, and sipping a beer on the balcony of a bar. It also had my favourite bakers shop which baked a la French style. You could sit there and eat what you bought with coffee. Mmmm..delicious.