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Brandenburg by water

Brandenburg by water

Heike and I slowly walked through the Alt Stadt taking in the Rathaus = Town Hall with its ‘Roland Statue’, which was an ideal place for another photo shoot.

We ended up at the river where Heike had booked us onto a little tourist boat. All were full so we had to share the last one with a group of women having a birthday party at the front of the boat. Not a bad idea. That is why you will see some shots with them sipping Sekt and dropping strawberries down their collective throats!

It was a two hour tour on the rivers and canals that flow around and through Brandenburg. I can really recommend seeing the city from the water. You see sights you can never see from the road.

After a relaxing cruise. Heike and I sipped a cup of coffee as we waited for a tram to take us to her flat. She has just moved into the flat.  I had heard about it but never seen it. Very nice and with a large balcony at the rear looking onto a garden area.

We said our goodbyes and I walked all of four minutes until I reached the railway station. She lives opposite it!  A short wait until the RE1 arrived to take me back to Berlin just in time to watch the final part of the football match.

I thought about Jan and his divided loyalties as Germany beat Hungary 3:0. At least a lot of beer and sausages were consumed here to celebrate!

Thanks for a very memorable day Heike and I look forward to seeing you soon in Berlin.