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Porcelain Day

Porcelain and Trish

An interesting Whitsun Sunday for me. I started with work on the computer then a call from Trish at midday. What a surprise – I nearly fell on the floor!  We had a wonderful chat for 45 minutes. She called to apologise for not sending me a card and greetings on my birthday. No problem for I know she was in the UK and between ‘stations’. She is now back in Datca in Turkey.

After catching up on her news, I quickly showered and changed and cycled to the local U-Bahn station. The S-Bahn is not running. Why not? …. No, don’t get me onto that again!!  I got to Alexander Platz in time to meet a new ‘Oldie’ to the group name of Rudi. When Jan reads this he will collapse in laughter for many years ago when I first moved to Berlin, and he didn’t have a beard 🙂 my neighbour had a dog called Rudi. Woof, woof!

Rudi had called me earlier to ask what I was doing in the afternoon. I said, ‘Nothing’, so he said we should go to a special exhibition of Porcelain – mainly the world famous Meissen porcelain in the Nikolai Viertal. I had little knowledge of porcelain but was surprised by this exhibition and how it is put across to the public. If you are in Berlin this summer you must see it. Even ‘Lizzie’ had sent a couple of samples from the Buckingham Palace cellar!