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My Birthday

My Birthday

I celebrated my 67th birthday in Baton Rouge. It means ‘red stick’ and is the capitol of Louisiana. I had hired a car and set off on a tour of the southern parts of Louisiana, taking in the plantations along the river, Lafayette, the centre of the ‘cajun country’, a swamp tour and then landed in Baton Rouge on a quiet Saturday.

I am working on the photos for my story about my New Orleans trip and need a little more time. Meanwhile, here is a taster.

There are photos of my car (I really liked it), the lemon cake I got on the evening of my birthday when I returned to Tony and Rita’s, relaxing on their porch with a G&T, and in front of the state capitol building in Baton Rouge.

There is one of me in front of Fats Domino’s house – he wasn’t at home! It was taken by Rita on the evening of my birthday. At least I saw B.B. King play just before my birthday when we all went to the famous ‘Jazz Fest’. More later.