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Garden Attack

Garden Attack Weekend

I’ve had a good week and am on the verge of a busy weekend. It started with a bicycle ride with Hans – the first this year. Also some  teaching and meeting some more ‘oldies’, helping in the Computer for Seniors group and  training on Thursday.

That evening, Lars helping me to add a blu-ray to my TV system and told me about connections and getting an AV receiver for the future. I learnt a lot and even went to a store to look at what they had to offer. I wasn’t impressed so will look around. I have time.

This afternoon I finished the image I started last week and here it is. I called it ‘Garden Attack’, for Spring has come to Berlin.

This evening I am going to the 5th Symphony Concert at the Komische Oper. After I shall have a drink with Angelika and I shall look out for Josephine from our teachers’ association. At the AGM last Saturday she told me she had a ticket for the concert.

Tomorrow, I am going on a short walk in the country around Rüdnitz to the north of Berlin and on Sunday I am joining an ‘oldie’ group excursion to the city of Brandenburg where I am sure we shall wander around some old buildings. I shall take my camera and share the event with you soon.