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More Kunst

More Kunst last Friday

Went to my Photoshop course last Friday and it was nice to see the people again. Only Stefan was not there. He was on a well deserved holiday so Marco deputised for him. Marco told us that we should not try anything new in Stefan’s absence, but practice more of what we had learnt/learned.

The topic was to take a garden background and be creative by adding things to it. The results were interesting and here is my piece of Kunst! I started another one but didn’t have time to finish. Perhaps I can finish it this Friday and share with you this weekend.

Last week was strange mix of settling back into Berlin and still wanting to be back on the ski slopes of Großarl. One of the high spots of my week was to see Handel’s opera ‘Orlando’ at the Komische Oper last Thursday evening. Wonderful production and I can only recommend it to all.