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March things

March 2010 birthdays and other nice things

Tomorrow is the first day of March and I can feel that the worst of winter is over. Even so, winter is due to returnto Berlin by mid-week, but I think it is just a blast before Spring comes along. The cold winter has been wonderful for my allergies. Last year was a warm winter and my allergies started in mid-January. We are about to start March and no signs of them yet:-)
Who has a birthday in March? We have to go all the way to 22 March to join Dr. Günter Porsch in his birthday celebration. Günter and I used to teach at the same place and we are both now retired. I later worked with Dr. Bernd Wittek at Bernau, and he is celebrating his big day on the 28 March. Have a great day with your respective families and friends.
The big event for me is a skiing holiday starting on 7 March. It is the first time I have been allowed to go skiing for seven years.
Six operations stopped that fun for some time but now all is clear for more fun skiing down high snow covered mountains.