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New Computer

Micha’s New Computer

Yesterday I went to Micha’s flat to see the new computer. It is an old Medion from Aldi but after work on it by Sandor it now runs like a sports car!

Sandor is a graduate in all things computer and a family friend so he prepared this computer after Micha got his internet connection. It has a Linux and a Windows OS and in Windows Micha can register as the administrator or simple as Micha. All done for security, as Sandor explained to me, and then how to set the thing up again in case of a crash – even that has been built into the machine! I was impressed.

I added links to the browser, got the printer working and set up his Skype connection – and had lunch with them. A very interesting day and I learnt more things about a computer. You can see a photo of said machine, and the happy owner with the creator standing behind him.