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February People

February People and a Smile!

The month started with Sven’s 35th birthday which I know he celebrated with his wife and children. On the 3rd is Imre’s 55th birthday and also Alan’s 67th big day. Alan called me on Sunday evening and I had a good chat with him and Lynne including his birthday plans – as well as news of their family.

Jens Weise hits the big 40 on the 6th. I walked across the Mugglesee near to where he lives with his family last Sunday so I hope they all keep warm as they celebrate a special birthday.  Frau Dr. I. Pardon the boss of Dialogica will be 62 on the 18th, and I will be in her institute on that day so I shall be happy to present her with some flowers!.

Eleonora (Jan and Andrea’s Mutti) will be 51 on the 22nd, and Adrian Bridge in London will also be 51 but on the 25th February. The month ends with Peter Bateson’s 30th and Ralf Santon’s 47th on th 28th February. Have a super day to each and all!

Now for the joke for you all. It is a problem of getting old and keeping teeth – of course, and I like the look on the cat’s face!