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Friday course pics

Friday Photoshop course images

I found some images of my Friday course and decided to post here before the year ends and we start a new course. In the new course we shall be learning how to create small cartoons. Should be fun!

Here is a black and white landscape image in which we had to select something to add colour – in my case to a tree. There is also one of me posing on the U-Bahn bridge that takes me to my Photoshop course on a Friday afternoon – but I put it together at the start of my first course. I added a river where there is actually a road and put some other things into it.

You can see that I had a problem to embed an image in its base. We learnt this recently and you can see the results in the image of fountains in a garden with people passing by in the top section. I embedded all into the base garden image.

I just hope I can remember this technique for the next course.