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December 2009

December things

I had a positive day with Hans, after I made him wash under his arms, put on new clothes and clean his room! We went to Hachisches Hof, which he likes, and had a ‘substantial meal’ (Deftiges Essen) which he particularly likes with a couple of beers. We then wandered around the Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas Market) in front of Berlin Town Hall as the sun went down. Better to see it in the dark. He wants to go to another one next Monday but in the evening.

As I wrote the above I got a reply from Tony and Rita. Looks like I shall be visiting New Orleans at the end of April and start of May. Need to confirm so I can make the flight booking. Actually, I was talking to Hans earlier about his wish to celebrate his next birthday (11 May) in Morocco and if that goes ahead then it will fit nicely with my return from New O.  Not sure I can have a skiing holiday in January now – must think of how to allocate my pennies!

I have already been invited to a number of parties and meetings up to Christmas and been asked to take on another specialist student at the Institute. I also take Micha to a Computer Club for Oldies each Wednesday and now Oldie Hermann wants to join in. He thinks he is missing something! There is also a concert and opera visit planned in the next few weeks.

Who will be popping Sekt corks to celebrate a birthday in December? Michael Nixdorf will have his 46th on the 5 December with his family. Geoff, my brother-in-law. will be having extra fish ‘n chips on the 13th with Fran and Warren. Wish I were there!  Jördis will have her 30th birthday with Mathias on the 19th and Ian Maxwell, the famous ‘London Banker’ will be 48 on the 30th of December and celebrate in style with Birgit on a ski-piste in the north of Austria. Have a great time each.