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Views of Silsden

I spent more time on this holiday in Silsden than I have for nearly 50 years. Fran and Geoff were very tolerant in letting me just move into their house and do my own thing hopefully without disturbing their routine too much. I took a number of photos of the town as I wandered around. Most, however, were taken on a long walk with Warren. We wandered along the valley bottom on lanes crossing, or parallel to, the canal.

I thought of my Friday Photoshop group in Berlin and our new theme which is ‘gardens’. Although they are not of a garden they could form a background, or be used to cut out plants etc. and transfer to another background. Playing with layers, Geoff – as you showed me! Some of the photos are reproduced here and if you really want to see more of the area, look at the local web page. Type the usual 3w’s into your search engine window followed by Silsden.Net  and you will get there in seconds.

 I know I made the right decision to spend extra time  in the North and not run around the country as I did years ago trying to see many people and places. No more. I was happy to say my goodbyes to Fran and Geoff at Liverpool airport and fly back to Berlin. I don’t think England ever was  my home. I know where it is and it’s not Berlin, but that is another story. Now to the photos.