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Nick and Julie

Evening with Nick and Julie

Spending an evening with Nick and Julie is one of the nice events I look forward to on my visits to Silsden and area. Nicholas Bolton is the second son of Ian and Dianne Bolton (who some of you know or have heard a lot about) and there is no secret that he is the son I wanted to have. He married the delightful Julie fifteen years ago and I went to their wedding. They then begat Laura and Matthew!

Julie qualified as a teacher at the end of last year and now teaches maths and sciences at a local elementary school – the perfect person for such work. Dianne also ended up as a maths and science teacher. becoming head of department at a grammar school in Bradford, and son number three ended up as a teacher. Clearly a talent in the family.

Dianne was waiting for me when I arrived. We hadn’t seen each other for fifteen years. She took early retirement last July and was having a problem to adjust. I had the same last year so we talked about that and agreed to meet up for a longer talk about events in out lives over the missing years. Some days later we met in Keighley and had a nice long chat, over tea and cakes of course.

She left early so I had time to talk to Laura and Matthew. We had a meal together, with a nice glass of wine, and the chat continued. Being a photographic family I had to take a few photos and both Laura and Matthew love to pose. A really happy family evening spent with no radio or tv droning in the background.