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Just got back from Waldesruh

Its on the eastern border of Berlin to Brandenburg. It is off the beaten track if you don’t have a car. You can go by bus if you have the time we wait if you miss a connection and in the evening they run once an hour!

The weather is superb today. The forecast is for rain and cloudy skies from tomorrow so that must be why so many people were out on bicycles and walking.

We started at this ‘rustikalisches’ restaurant where the fields and walking paths start. It was full outside and some guests had even come in a horse drawn carriage. The food and service was excellent.

After that it was time to walk and so we set off to explore a new corner of Berlin. A stream flows through the area called Neuenhagener-Mühlenfließ. We walked along one bank and I took some photos to share with you. Here are two which express the area and day well.

Now to watch the results of the general election coming in. See you in England in a few days!