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Grilling in Schönau

Grilling in Schönau

By now you will know all about my ‘Mugglesee Gang’ – they were my second teaching group and half have kept in touch over the last 15 years. We last met in May for a bicycle ride on Herren Tag and I posted the story and photos to this blog.

Yesterday we met at Larissa and Karl-Heinz’s house with large garden on the outskirts of Schönau, which is north west of Berlin. It was a late summer reunion. After coffee and cakes, we went for a long walk though a new protected wild landscape garden, where I saw deer running around.

On our return we had a good appetite. The centre of the grill party was real Thüringen Wurst which Falk had brought from a local butchers on a recent visit there. Mmmmh….delicious! I add a photo of one I ate with great relish. After grilling and with glasses full we sat around the open fire in the garden and sang traditional German songs. It was a first time experience for me and I could even join in one song with a chorus about a tree in a meadow.

Got to bed after 2.00 this morning so feeling a little tired and fragile. Weather has changed for the worst so had to cancel a cycle tour planned for today. That is why I have time to write this post. Think I’ll read my history book then go back to bed soon! Have a nice lazy Sunday