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Post Museum

Post Museum Berlin

Last Sunday I got a call from Oldie Hermann. “What are you doing today?”. “Nothing,” said I. “What about seeing the Post Museum?” We met in town and set off for a museum I had never heard of before. It is on Leipziger Straße and you should put it on your list of places to see when next in Berlin. I was surprised I had never heard about it before.

The building is superb as you can see from some of the photos. It dates back to the building boom when Berlin became the capital of Germany and was started in 1872. The museum is officially called Das Museum für Kommunikation Berlin for it has much more than the history of the postal service. Interesting sections are about the telegraph, telegram, radio, tv, computer and internet. There is also a nice display of pens, pencils, ink pots, postcards and postboxes. I include some in the photos.

The presentation and display is really good and easy to wander round and understand with a lot of information given in German and English.