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Flying to UK

Off to see family and friends in October

Yes, I have booked my flights and got confirmation just 10 minutes ago. I am flying from Berlin to Liverpool on 1st October leaving at 16:50 arriving at 17:50. Hope ‘Our Baz’ and Pam can meet me at the airport and I can spend the night with them. I want to see their garden and fishpond again.

Then off to Silsden, Addingham, Ilkley, Sutton and to the fabulous ‘Cas’ to see Alan and Lynne. A trip without seeing them is hardly worth thinking about. I am not sure I shall make it to Cambridge – actually I am not sure I want to given the reception in August 2006! I’ll see how the mood takes me.

I am flying back to Berlin on 14 October (It is sister Frances´ Birthday then) at 13:30 from  Liverpool and arriving in Berlin at 16:25. Just in time for a nice ride home and cuppa tea or something else two hours later!  See you all then so order the extra fish ‘n chips and the pork pies. Mmmmmh…….the taste!