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August events

August events

Let’s start with birthdays for a change 🙂 Petra is 50+ a bit today and no doubt celebrating with family in their weekend cottage for the temperature is 33°c at the moment and other areas of Berlin are registering even higher temperatures. I had a few hours after breakfast in the sun on my balcony reading a new book and then retired indoors. My skin doctor will be very pleased!

Beatrix Dix who lives behind Köpenick Rathaus will be 36 on 6 August, Peter and Andre will be opening the champagne on 9 August to celebrate one year of marriage and I have been invited to a party at their place on the 8th. Looking forward to it – but this time without the fire! Nicole will be 61 on the 21 August – oh la la – and we shall meet just after for a meal.

The end of the month sees an explosion of birthdays. Jürgen will be 65 on the 24th, Angelika will have a party on the 25th to celebrate her 57th – with lots of other musicians from the Komische Oper Orchestra My sister Pauline with be 65 on the 26th, Dieter in Jüterbog will be 65 on the 27th and he shares this day with Ziya. We don’t know how old he is and his partner Anne-Marie doesn’t know and told me she has given up asking — we think he is about 60.

Who else but mein lieber Jan could end the month. He will be 26 on the 28th and I have no idea if I can share a beer with him, or if he will be in Spain with Arancha. I hope the latter. He has graduated with two degrees – congratulations!! – and is now looking for work and planning his future with Arancha. He deserves lots of luck and a really memorable birthday after graduating.

Have a wonderful day with your family and friends with lots of good food and drinks!

My month ends with visits to my skin d0ctor for new tablets and to my allergy doctor for checks before we start the end of the year treatment 🙁 ready for the attacks at the start of 2010. I also have some new teaching contracts to finish and am trying to book a flight to the UK in the second week of September. Some problems with my membership details so will try again to wake up easyjet and make the booking!