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Settling in

Settling in post USA

This note is prompted by all of you who called, e-mailed etc to ask how I was after my return from the USA and to get invitations to do a number of things. Thanks to all of you.

I was surprised at the number of requests for teaching so the first two weeks back were very busy. Things are slowing now as two courses ended and a new one has just started. My private students have also all registered for more lessons and I visit Hans again each Monday. I was pleasantly surprised to see that he had cleaned his room before I arrived – progress!

In addition, I’ve been to a few concerts and helped Micha with computer problems and I am on Skype more trying to contact nephew Warren and teach one student using this medium. Saturday I’m having a late birthday lunch with Hermann and on Sunday we are going on a trip north of Berlin. Andrea and Ken have invited me to see their new flat on Friday of next week. Looking forward to that!

The month will end with a trip to the Natural Sciences Museum to see a presentation about Darwin and his successors, and then to Oranienburg to see the big flower show there. I also have to sort out a trip to the UK and a visit to Spain problem.

Lots to do and I shall try to take photos and post in reports to this blog.