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Big Apple 2

Big Apple 2

I have no memory of breakfast before we galloped off to the subway for another day of sightseeing. This was concentrated on the northern part of Manhatten and took in Central Park, Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange – with the famous bronze of a bull near it, New York State Library -what architecture – you must see it. And Grand Central Station is a must as well.

I also had a wander around a very expensive mens clothing store on 5th Avenue and enjoyed the use of their luxury toilet! It was the kind of place you felt you had to pay to enter as you opened the door. I bought a rucksack at a nearby and much cheaper store the we wandered around the area before noting it was 3.00 pm.

Time to get to Times Square to meet Joel on the ‘Red Steps’. He is from my Friday group in Berlin where we learn about how to change photographs in the computer. Yes, he had just arrived in New York and was staying at a flat on 42nd Street owned by friends who were on holiday hence he had the use of the flat. We had lunch together and a good chat before we went our separate ways.

Jan and I returned to the hotel and picked up the car. We left at 6.00 pm and arrived home at 9.45 pm where we had a light snack, I had a well deserved G&T. We chatted about the weekend and hit the big ZZZZ’s by midnight. That was a weekend to remember!