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Kingston Area

Views of the Kingston Area

For the first week we worked on checking his MSc thesis and this period included visits to the local bay areas and towns around the bay area. I needed some time to realise that this little bit of distance here ….. was in fact at least a 40 minute drive! Distance and time re-adjustment was the order of the day!

The weather was not very nice in this area the whole time of my visit. Only when I moved west did it improve. I like these photos of the dark gray rainy coastal areas I took – particularly the one with the little boat in the middle to show where the sea and the sky ended and started.

The last photo is of me in front of the J.F. Kennedy statue and museum. It was taken by a young man from the Republic of Ireland! Interesting who you meet at a Kennedy memorial. Yes, I was in Hyannis on the way to Cape Cod but I could not see the Kennedy compound of summer houses because there is now a very high fence with guards to shield their privacy – I can understand that! You can only look into their living rooms when you go there by ferry – which just by accident sails past their living room windows. Plural because there is more then one house now. When JFK was a kid and played and swam there they only had one house – how times have changed!