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July birthdays and things

Birthdays in July and other things

Not many this month. Jutta celebrated her 61st on the 2nd of July with Gerald and lots of friends. She is my ex-boss and one the nicest you can imagine!

One year ago I went to visit David in the hospice exactly one week before he died on Friday 3rd July, as some of you may remember. I miss his smile, terrible tea and chatting on his balcony. Nice memories.

Jane Peat will also be 61, but on the 27th July and celebrating with her family in Frankfurt-am-Main. That is it for birthdays!

I can’t believe how busy I have been since my return from the USA. Ending courses at the Institute on the Ku’damm last week and this week, plus return to usual things plus a cry for help for a manager who will be sent to Bangkok soon and needs an intensive crash course.

All will be quiet from next week – but I have just been asked to go to Bernau by Margit for a summer party and to meet her students and let them practice their English on me. Done it before and it is really nice. Looking forward to it.

Jan’s M.Sc. is coming to an end and I am not at all happy with him at the moment. Reason is that yesterday after four hours with the emergency Bangkok student, I moved to the internet and working on the last part of his thesis – written after I left him in Rhode Island. Checking every word was like pulling teeth and he changed sections on line as we talked so that what I saw was not what he had sent, and I had corrected.

I have now got all my USA-Canada photos ready so will be posting to this blog in the next few days. All for now.