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I’m back

I’m back in Berlin

Yes, after two months of travel which started with Turkey, Provonce in the south of France, the USA and Canada, I flew into Berlin, via Boston and Madrid, two days ago. I am tired and jet lagged. I haven’t adjusted to the change and sleeping is still a problem.

Almost as soon as my bag was unpacked I went to the Komische Oper Berlin to hear the last concert of this season (Thanks to Ian von London-Banker for this small correction = it was NOT the last concert but the last of this season = the orchestra is playing for a couple of weeks in the opera programme before they all pack their bags and go on summer hols.! Yes, Ian – a sign of jet lag!))

Angelika called to say she had a free ticket for me as a welcome to Berlin. Nice! The programme was Astralis by Christian Jost and Symphony No. 7 by Anton Bruckner. What a perfect mix of new and old. A wonderful evening and the orchestra really gave all they had in the Bruckner, and were correctly rewarded with many shouts of ‘bravo’ and encores at the end. I am glad I went, and it was nice to see Angelika again.

Today I got an invitation to join 7 Oldies on a Berliner Wall walk. I did six hours then left them still wandering and hours in a restaurant! I have a new student tomorrow so I needed to plan the first lesson this evening.

This week I have new and old students and an appointment with my skin doctor, then back to the Komische Oper to see a performance of La Traviata on Wednesday. I shall also prepare photos of my adventures in the USA and Canada and post in sections based on where I was and what I did. I shall need all the week to do this.

Have fun this week – and thanks to Andrea and to Peter and others for e-mails when they read (on this blog that) I was back in town and slowly returning to normal business and sent e-mails. Thanks also to Ian for the call, correction and news in general.