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Henry Hu Lynch

I have another Great-Nephew

Great to be adding to the list of Great-Nephews and Nieces. My youngest sister’s eldest son – and his wife of course 🙂 – did their bit and Leanne duly delivered Henry Hu Lynch at 02.45 on Saturday 18 April. He weighted in at a standard 7lbs and 3oz.

The interesting thing about little Henry Hu is that he tricked everyone about his birth. Leanne and Jefferson went to the hospital earlier in the day thinking the birth was about to take place – then nothing! They were sent home.

Henry Hu decided to make his appearance in the night and very quickly so that Mum and Dad delivered him on the bathroom floor of friends where they were staying to attend a wedding. Nice! The fact that ‘Mudda’ is a medical doctor specialising in baby health just might have helped Henry Hu to arrive safely. Good work, Leanne!

The photographs are great and I really like the ones where his big sister, Evie Mei is looking at him with so much love and curiosity – a charming mixture! What do you think?