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Then and now

I wasn’t sure I had been to Alanya
I really wasn’t sure but the rock with the fortress on top somehow looked familiar. I remember lying on my back and wondering why so many planes were flying over my head to the south. It was the Turkish invasion of Cyprus – in August 1975, but I had no idea at the time.

Last week I told Hans that I wasn’t sure if I had been there before. He just grunted and asked if he could have another beer. Being kind, I allowed it this time and decided to check my records when I got home. I have just done this.

I found this antique photograph in my records and realised I had been in Alanya. You can’t hide that big rock jutting into the bay. What a surpise for me. How the east bay has changed. When I was there in August 1975, my hotel was about the only one on the long east bay and now it is completely built up and my hotel doesn’t exist any more. Signs of tourist advances on this very attractive coast?

I contrast the old photo with one taken only one week ago when I was in the inner fortress on top of the rock, you can see in the old photograph. How strange! And to see in what way I have changed …… and not changed! Now I can see the difference. I had a beard then and more hair on my head – and my body hair was not gray!!