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K+S Party

I went to Katrin’s party

Katrin was 41 on 28th April and had a party on Saturday 2 May. I went with Dr. Birgit and it was really nice. It was the first time I had been to Katrin and Stefan’s flat and I felt at home as soon as I entered. Stefan is a professional cook so just look at the photos of the food we were served as a ‘light refreshment’ to the drinks. Mmmmh…..tasted great. I wonder what he/they do for the full meal!!

Katrin and Stefan were my students and ended the lessons when Katrin had to go to hospital for treatment. You can see that she looks really well so we all hope that the treatment is right and she will continue to make progress.

Happy memories of a relaxed evening with excellant food and good conversation with many other guests. Thanks to both and good health for the future to Katrin.