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A day in Antalya

The fourth day we spent in Antalya

After a few days of cycling around the area I decided we needed a quieter tourist day, so I booked a days tour to Antalya, including some stops to see some archaeological sites and even some stops for ‘Shopping’ for jewelery and leather clothes. At the latter Hans stayed outside and chain smoked. I joined the tour just for the experience!

The airport for the region is at Antalya. As tourists we tend to zip in and out and never see the city or learn anything about its history. This time we took a full day to learn something about the place and it was time well spent. We were mainly in the old harbour district but you can spend ages there and still only scratch the surface.

History is very deep! Even Hans enjoyed the time in this historical town and our gallop around the ages old centre. Here are a few pics to share the experience with you.