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Birthdays in May

Which one of you has a birthday in my month?

Max in Berlin started the month with his 26th birthday on 2 May. Marcel, my last godson, was 15 on the 3rd May and celebrated with his family in Miscolc in the north of Hungary.

I shall celebrate my 66th birthday on 8th May and you can start to send presents now, including cheques for over 1 million euro, which will be accepted:-)

On the 11th Hans will celebrate his 58th and share the day with Christa who has just moved into her 70s. Dwarlin Trish in Turkey will be opening a bottle of two on the 13th to celebrate her 50th big day. Back in Berlin, Heike with enjoy her 45th on the 16th May.

Three then come together starting with Otto in the Voigtland with his family to celebrate his 78th on the 19th May, Sylvia Mely-Hobday will enjoy her 53rd on the 20th May with Mike and her daughters and I shall raise a special glass to cousin Barbara to celebrate her 60th + a bit, on the 21st May.

I am in good company this month so I wish you all a very happy birthday with lots of good food, wine, presents and friends. Cheers!