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Went to Görlitz

I went to Görlitz yesterday

I went with ten other ‘oldies’ who all work with Hermann at The Bauhaus Museum in Berlin. They all have to finish work at the end of this month – part of cost cutting measures as a response to the current financial crises. They have pensions so will survive financially, but I think they need such work to get them out of the house and meet new people to keep them young.

I had heard about the city of Görlitz but had never been there. It is worth the effort of getting there. It was divided in 1945 when the new German-Polish borders were drawn on the map and accepted by both victors and defeated. The latter didn’t have much choice!

It is on the river Neisse which then formed the border so that the town on the west bank remained Görlitz and the part on the west bank became Zgorzelek – you can see this on one the photos. Architecturally the two towns look the same for the city was not bombed in the war and so retains a range of architectural styles lost in so many towns.

There are as lot of images so I shall just add them and let you enjoy seeing the face of an historically important town which has survived so many things.

On a personal note: I took the photo of the bakery for my dear sister Frances. She is a very devout Catholic, as is her husband, and I wanted to show her that Jesus is alive and well and living in Görlitz where he is running a bakery! She should visit him there!

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