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Cactus und Jüterbog

My cactus flowered and I went to Jüterbog
Since I last wrote on this blog about galloping around Strausberg with Hans, my rather tired looking cactus suddenly burst into life and flowered. I have never seen it looking so happy! I think it is a comment on the weather here in Berlin. I decided to stay in today because the weather is changing and the wind has increased. For allergie people like me this is bad news. I have lost count of runny nose, tissues and red eyes today. It’s bad at the moment. Only another three weeks and it should be over until the next round starts in January 2010.

My weeks have followed a pattern of taking Hans out, back and leg training at the Wellness Club, private students, teaching at the Institute, helping an ex-student to prepare for a job interview with an English company, my Spanish lessons, reading, my Photoshop course, going to a concert at the Kömische Oper – and helping Micha on his computer. I forgot to add shopping, washing ironing, cooking, cleaning the windows, and such exciting things, which we all have to do and take up time each week.

One of the nice things was going to Jüterbog with Hermann to visit Jürgen and Dieter. We haven’t met since 2007 for my visit was cancelled last year when Jürgen was taken to hospital for a heart bye-pass operation. This was followed by a lond stay in a rehabilitation centre. He is now okay but still not his old loud and extrovert self. He is a hobby-cook and so after a splendid meal we ended up in their garden ( see pic) to relax, chat and have coffee and cakes.

It was a relaxing day and seeing Jürgen again reminded me of health and getting older problems. Last Thursday, Horst had an operation for a new hip joint and it will take the rest of this summer to get over it. Lynne is getting over a similar operation in England and we all know that Alan had two knee joints installed over the last two years.