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Baby time

Baby Luka arrived safely

Luka popped into the world in the early hours of 22 March much to the delight of mother Milka, father Sven and sister Nevana. Sven sent out some lovely photos to family and friends, so I just had to share the pleasure of seeing such a treasure.

I plan to see them as soon as my flu has gone and have already sent a message of congratulations. I met Sven many years ago when he was in his final year of study and doing a Cambridge First examination course with me.

He had also fallen in love with a lady called Milka who lived in Belgrade. She didn’t speak German then and he didn’t speak any Serbo-Croat language so they communicated in English. She moved to Berlin and they married and had a lovely daughter.

I like the way that mother and sister have supportive arms around him. I shall have to take some pics of all including the proud father.